Project Focus

The best way to see the benefits of Project Labor Agreements in action, just take a look at just a few examples of projects where PLAs were successfully used.
Erie Canal Harbor - The use of a PLA is expected to induce bidding competition while reducing potential costs by roughly $2.3 million.
The Port of Oakland - A PLA agreement spurred greater efficiencies and productivity, and the Port of Oakland has been a model of community and workforce development.
Toyota & PLAs - The former head of construction for Toyota North America says without any equivocation that PLAs are a valuable tool for any entity seeking an economical and efficient construction process.
Nationals Stadium - The construction of the Nationals' Stadium has been a success both from the standpoint of the City's social goals and its economic objectives.
Building Chicago - The use of Project Labor Agreements in Chicago have proven to be a guarantee for success. To see how PLAs have helped build the Chicago of tomorrow.
Rhode Island's PLA Success - The state of Rhode Island has experienced a number of PLA success stories, here are just a few.
NYC PLAs Divert Disaster - Wall Street's affect on the middle class, with respect to the financial meltdown of last year, can be felt in the farthest corners of the USA still today. But, you don't even have to go outside the city of New York to see and hear what it was like - and how a disaster was diverted.