Erie Canal Harbor

Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation Signs PLA

A canal side inner harbor project in Buffalo will be performed under a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) thanks to a decision by the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation (ECHDC).


“Undertaking a PLA for the initial phase of the Canal Side infrastructure work made good business sense based on a number of factors, including our aggressive construction schedule, the need to minimize work delays and the potential cost savings associated with this agreement,” said ECHDC President Thomas Dee.  “Having done our due diligence and formally analyzing the public benefits of such an arrangement, we feel confident in our partnership with local labor and look forward to getting the project built.”


According to an analysis conducted by the ECHDC, the use of PLA is expected to induce bidding competition through the presence of a single collective bargaining mechanism, while reducing potential costs by roughly $2.3 million via the streamlined process.